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Document Translation


Languages we translate:

English, Japanese, German, French, Russian, Korean, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Greek, Indian, Indonesian, Thai, Malayan, Cambodian, Vietnamese, Burmese, Mongolian, Turkish, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish, Denish, Norwegian, Albanian, Serbian, Czechish and Hebrew, and so on.


Professional areas:

Economy, commerce and trade, finance, law, intellectual property rights, culture, railway, metallurgy, architecture, engineering, water conservancy, electric power, resources, textile, garniture, industrial arts, environmental protection, biology, sports, electronics, communication, IT, electrical appliance, mechanics, electric, auto, shipping, air-plane, chemical industry, foods, medicine, medical equipments, agriculture and stock raising industry, etc.


File type:

Economy and Trade: Company profile, technical manuals, commercial letters, fax documents, quotation, business contracts, company statutes, agreements, memorandums, advertisements, posters, publication brochures, sales brochures, sales promotion materials, after-sale service brochures, market investigation documents, feasibility research reports, annals, financial and economic analysis, all kinds of financial report forms, audit reports, news release documents and proving materials, etc;

Management: Statutes, management regulations, placards, proclamation, notice, industrial administration rules, corporate management rules and papers on management, etc;

Science and Technology: Project management documents, biding documents, pro-duct directions, catalogues, brochures, samples, equipment installation brochures, quality brochures, user’s manual, maintenance brochures, technical specification, technical standard and industrial criterions, etc;

Law: Contracts, agreements, industrial regulations, letter of entrustment, letter of intent, memorandums and prosecuting documents, etc;

Literature: Essays, poems, novels, advertisements, magazines and menu, etc; and

Personal Material: Materials on emigration and studying abroad, authentication documents, notarization documents, resumes, school report card, matriculating notice, recommendation letters, papers, invitation letters, letter of entrustment, letters and all kinds of certificates.